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Grind Master is Global Technology Leader in Specialized machines for Belt Grinding and Polishing. Using Robotics for Automation of Complex Shaped Components, Grind Master Solutions in Robotic Grinding and Polishing are State of the Art Systems. From Heavy Stock Removal Applications such as Grinding of Parting Lines to Mirror Polishing of Stainless Steel, our domain expertise in Grinding and Polishing ensures an effective reliable automatic process.Get more news about high quality robot buffing machine,you can vist our website!

Polishing is that surface finishing process that allows to obtain increasingly reduced roughness until giving the object a reflective effect, offering smooth and shining surfaces.

The polishing process can have a dual purpose:

Aesthetic polishing: for components requiring polished surfaces solely for their reflective and polished appearance. Components of this type are accessories for furniture, aesthetics elements for automotive and much more.
Functional polishing: dedicated to those components that due to their mechanical application require extremely reduced roughness. In this case polishing is required by their function. Typical examples are found in components for automotive.Polishing process it’s a more delicate process than grinding, less aggressive abrasives are applied. Typically cotton wheels or brushes are used, Sisal or impregnating Tampico with solid or liquid compound.
The Arcos’ automated systems offer the latest generation of automatic dispensers for the dosing of solid and liquid compound.

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