Pile breaker machine for house and bridge construction

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In the construction of houses and bridges, the pile foundation needs to be built, and the pile head needs to be broken in the last step. This is the key process of earthwork excavation and platform foundation construction. The removal of the pile head requires the use of a pile breaker. The pile breaker machine can quickly cut off pile heads, cast-in-place piles, prefabricated piles, etc. It is the fastest equipment for breaking solid cast-in-place piles. The removal of the pile head is realized through remote control, avoiding the risk of personal injury caused by manual construction, and the efficiency is dozens of times that of manual construction.

Scope of application

Hydraulic pile breakers are widely used in high-speed railway bridges and building pile foundation projects. It can easily complete round and square pile head amputation. Generally, the circular pile cutter is suitable for the pile diameter of 250mm-2500mm; the square pile cutter is suitable for the pile side length of 250-650mm, which can meet the requirements of various large-scale foundation construction.


Yugong pile breaker manufacturers provide modular and fixed pile breakers.

Modular type: Make the most of the combination of pile breakers to break solid cast-in-place piles with different pile diameters, so that customers can add and reduce modules when encountering piles with different pile diameters in different projects, which is convenient and fast!

Fixed type: It is suitable for the demolition of piles with a large number of piles.

The characteristics of the pile breaker

1. Versatility. The pile breaker can be connected with a variety of construction machinery and hung on construction machines such as excavators, cranes, and telescopic booms.

The connection method is free and flexible, which truly realizes the versatility and economy of the product; the retractable hanging chain design meets the requirements of multi-terrain construction operations.

2. High efficiency. The operation is simple, the noise is low, the cost is low, and the work efficiency is dozens of times that of manual pneumatic picks. Two operators can break 80 piles in one day, which is especially suitable for pile group construction projects.

3. Diversified power sources, excavators, or hydraulic systems can be configured according to site conditions.

4. Safety: The construction personnel do not touch the construction and adapt to the safety construction requirements of complex terrain

5. Environmental protection: full hydraulic drive realizes low noise operation of pile head construction, and does not affect the surrounding environment during construction; hydrostatic radial construction has no impact on parent piles and equipment

6. Low cost: simple and convenient operating system, less staffing, lower labor costs, machine maintenance, and other construction costs

7. Multi-function: The round pile driver and the square pile driver can realize the common modules, and the combination of the conversion modules can realize the removal of both round piles and square piles, and one machine can be used for two purposes.

8. Convenience of pile breaker: small size, lightweight, convenient transportation; simple module disassembly and replacement design, by changing the number of modules, to meet the construction of different pile diameters, and the disassembly and assembly of modules is simple and quick when reorganizing.

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