Cenforce 100mg

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asked Jul 21 in H&E by valkery (220 points)

Erectile Dysfunction is at the basics a problem of the blood circulation in our body. During s*xual arousal, the penis receives a large supply of blood which makes it erect. If due to any reason penis receives an inadequate amount of blood the erection is also reduced.Disruption of the blood flow towards the penis may happen due to n number of reasons. It could be smoking, drinking, drug abuse, injuries, or side effects of a medicine.To solve this problem Sildenafil Citrate, which is the main component of Cenforce 100  relaxes the muscles in the penile region. The blood vessels of the p*nis are expanded to store a large quantity of blood. Overall a situation is created where it is ensured that blood will find no hindrance on its way to the p*nis.

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