shower screen fixings

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asked Jul 16, 2022 in H&E by psoffice58 (4,280 points)

shower screen fixings

Rejuvenate and relax in your luxurious, yet affordable shower.

The shower is often the focal point of the bathroom, and its performance and appearance are of equal importance.  To help you create your dream shower system, we have a complete line of quality shower hardware. Prepare to transform your shower from the bottom up at an affordable price!

It’s the small details that’ll make all the difference in your space! Once the design is decided, and the functions in the foreground, it’s time to get down to the all-important finishing touches.

Choose from a range of hardware products including shower brackets for adjoining glass and walls. We stock brackets in various shapes and sizes that can be fitted for use on both doors and walls. Our options are available in a selection of colours and finishes to complement the décor in your bathroom.

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