How to Improve the Transmit Power of Wireless Remote Control

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asked Jul 13, 2022 in Electron Microscopy by usensor (700 points)

In the process of using the wireless remote control, sometimes the signal reception sensitivity is not very good and the reflection is slow. When there is a wall blocking, the signal weakens more severely. Here, the remote control manufacturer QINUO Electronics will provide you with this  solution!

1. Lengthen the transmitting antenna. You can replace a suitable small antenna, or add an inductive coil, or add a thin wire to the original antenna. Exactly how much is added depends on the test (personal practice is to disconnect the antenna contact, and then use the enameled wire to make a circle inside the remote control, and then weld the two ends to the antenna contact).


2. Increase the battery voltage of the remote control slightly (this is easy to handle for the remote control powered by 9V, just replace it with a 12V one, but if the original 12V is used, this method is not suitable).


3. Adjust a small fine-tuning capacitor inside (if there is one in the wireless remote control) to change the transmission frequency of the remote control, so as to cooperate with the remote control receiving device and extend the control distance.


4. Extend the antenna during remote control, change the direction of the antenna, and find the best angle for remote control.


The wall penetration effect of this small remote control is not very outstanding. If you really want to increase the output power of the wireless remote control, it is necessary to increase the high-frequency amplifier circuit, which is more complicated and is not recommended, and this cannot be done casually, but if you want to do it without adding a circuit If you want to increase the remote control distance, then you can follow the above practices. I believe that the few ideas provided above can solve the problem for you.

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