How to Match and Code the Remote Control of Garage Shutter Door

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asked Jul 13, 2022 in Electron Microscopy by usensor (700 points)

Generally speaking, the garage door remote control usually uses the radio remote control in the remote control, not the infrared remote control. So how to match and match the remote control of the garage shutter door? The editor of QINUO Electronics will explain to you in detail.

First of all, you need to determine what kind of remote control your garage shutter door remote control is, and know the crystal frequency model and chip model of your garage shutter door remote control. Note that incompatible chips cannot be copied. (You need to carefully disassemble the remote control to check the model) You can buy the corresponding model from Taobao or other online shopping. The specific operation measures are as follows.


Garage shutter door remote control clearing code:

Press the two buttons on the upper row of the remote control at the same time (don't care about the symbols on the keyboard), after the indicator light keeps flashing, and then release your hand, it means the clearing is successful.


Note: the light should keep flashing. After the code is cleared successfully, press any key and the light will flash and then go out.


Garage shutter door remote control copy:

Hold the original remote control in one hand and the copy remote control in the other. The two remote controls are as close as possible. Press the door buttons of the two remote controls at the same time. In your hand, copy the other three keys in the same way.


Note: When copying, if the light does not flicker, you can change the position, for example, try to copy the heads of the two remote controllers, you can try to change a few more positions.

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