Organic oils and After Sun Moisturizing body wash

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 Three Organic oils & Aloe Vera Eco friendly face & body wash to moisturizer & cleanse your skin. It's a handmade & natural body wash & moisturizer, offering instant skin moisturizing & after sun relief.


In the past few years both male and females have opted for Organic and eco-friendly cosmetics, as they represent both an eco-friendly to the environment alternative, and a wise choice for skin health.

Organic and eco-friendly cosmetics are formulated with vegetable raw materials from {organic farming, which also means that they must always be accompanied by a valid certification that verifies their safety.



What is the difference between organic cosmetics and natural products?

Natural cosmetics are made from raw materials, work with natural processes and are not tested on animals. These cosmetics must not contain: Paraffin, Silicones, Synthetic dyes derived from petroleum and Parabens.

Organic cosmetics are products containing ingredients of vegetable origin but are grown biologically and without using synthetic elements or GMOs.

To be defined organic, a cosmetic must contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients and there must be no compounds of petroleum origin, paraffin, formaldehyde and dyes of synthetic origin. Organic cosmetics are not only such in composition but also in packaging, as they are all made with recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Choosing an organic cosmetic product means preserving your skin from premature ageing caused by chemicals, of which all the others available on the market , i.e. non-organic, are composed.

Organic cosmetics are safe and effective because they help you to look and feel great, and keep your skin, and the environment healthy.



About our Organic oil & Aloe Vera eco-friendly face & body wash


Our handmade Organic oil and eco-friendly moisturizing body wash contains fragrance-free 100 % natural ingredients such as Organic Aloe Vera gel, Basil and Marigold flower oil leaving skin soft and velvety. There's a very light foam / lather, and a after smell of Basil and Spearmint, but it will not clash with your favorite deodorant, perfume or cologne. The perfect mixture of eco-friendly Organic oil and biodegradable / non ichthyotoxic natural surfactants (Derived from Coconut oil, Corn and grape) to gently cleanse, freshen, nourish, hydrate and soothe your body, leaving your skin, the environment, and your conscience ultra clean.

  • WK ORGANICS: Our handmade and Eco-friendly moisturizing & cleansing body wash is pH skin friendly and contains fragrance-free natural ingredients such as Organic Aloe Vera gel, and Organic Spearmint, Basil and Marigold flower oil, leaving skin soft and velvety.

  • ORGANIC: Aloe Vera: Soothing, healing, nourishing ✓ Basil: Rebalancing and bracing ✓ Marigold: Antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial ✓ Spearmint: Anti-inflammatory quality to sooth, calm, cleanse and cool itchy, red, inflamed and irritated skin conditions ✓

  • FEATURES: 3 Organic oils ✓ Organic Aloe Vera ✓ Vegan ✓ pH Balanced ✓ Natural ✓ Deep moisturizing ✓ Cleansing ✓ After sun body care ✓ Cruelty free ✓ ETHIC ✓ BIO ✓ Handmade ✓ Fairtrade, and absolutely no animal testing ✓

  • USAGE: When ever there is a need for instant skin cooling relief, or to cleanse, moisturize and rehydrate your skin, after being exposed to UV rays, after sun or air pollution, after the gym or training session, a long walk, swim, or any other environmental skin stressors, apply a little to wet hands and massage thoroughly into your skin, scalp and nails, and then rinse off, leaving your skin, the environment, and your conscience ultra clean.

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