Pei Precision Insulation Parts

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asked Jul 1 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_BPYHynj0 (400 points)
Polyetherimide, or PEI for short, is an amber transparent solid. It has inherent flame retardancy and low smoke without adding any additives. The oxygen index is 47%, the combustion grade is ul94-v-0, and the density is 1.28 ~ 1.42g/cm3. Pei precision insulation parts have strong heat stability. Even non reinforced Pei still has good toughness and strength. Therefore, Pei precision insulation parts have excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, radiation resistance, heat and low temperature resistance and wear resistance, and can pass through microwave. Pei precision insulation parts also have good flame retardancy, chemical reaction resistance and electrical insulation characteristics. The glass transition temperature is very high, up to 215 ℃. Pei precision insulation parts also have low shrinkage and good isotropic mechanical properties. Adding glass fiber, carbon fiber or other fillers can achieve the purpose of reinforcement and modification; It can also form heat-resistant polymer alloy with other engineering plastics. Pei precision insulating parts can be used for a long time at the working temperature of - 160 ~ 180 ℃.

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