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What are the uses of Fildena 120?
Fildena 120  is used to treat erectile dysfunction  in a person. This erectile dysfunction is also called impotence. There are 30 million people in the world who have to suffer from this problem and. For anyone who cannot get a hard erection, the use of this medication can achieve a hard erection.This tablet makes people enjoy their s*xual life by enhancing the intimacy between two partners – this drug is one of the best cures for erection problems.

How to take Fildena 120?
You should take this medicine with a glass of cool water as directed by your doctor. When taking this medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you must take Fildena 150  special care not to crush, chew or break this tablet. You should swallow the pill whole. You should take this medicine 1 hour before planning s*xual activity. This tablet is because the drug starts to work within 30 minutes and lasts 4-6 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to take this drug only once every 24 hours.

How does the mighty Fildena 120mg work?
Fildena 120 is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This pill works by relaxing the blood vessels in your penis and allows you to achieve and maintain a hard p*nis suitable for sensual action.Some people often forget to take a dose of the drug. People interested in s*x should not miss any dose during treatment. You will remember unique information before s*xual activity. So do not forget to take any medication before s*xual activity.

In this case, there is no way for the patient to take the tablet dose if he sometimes forgets and takes two medicines at the same time when he remembers. Thus, it results in an overdose. If this happens, go immediately to the nearest hospital or call your pharmacist for proper guidance.

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