What are your favorite ways to generate leads in B2B sales?

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asked Jun 24, 2022 in H&E by pingcall (930 points)

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I would recommend the new age redefined method of pay-per-call mechanism to attract and convert leads. It is almost like getting the most creamy layer of leads for your B2B vertical. For instance, a professional agent I know was able to attract 79 leads that converted within 2 days under $5. Initially, while purchasing the Debt Lead Generation plan from Ping Call (the lead gen agency he contacted), there was sufficient skepticism around the strategy. But once his leads turnover began, the return far exceeded the investment. I talked to a few more people who used the pay-per-call mechanism to draw leads and here’s a brief summary of our conversation. 

  1. Detailed, transparent, and flexible

Pay per call strategy is detailed as it is drawn after having a proper meeting with stakeholders. 

  1. Automated & Quality led

When outsourcing your lead generation strategy to pay-per-call agencies like Ping Call, you can expect data-driven decisions. Along with it, you also get quality leads as every lead is tracked and nurtured across different stages. 

  1. Established network of the best in business professionals

Businesses get to work with the best advertisers and publishers in the field. The affiliates partnering up with lead agencies are known for their commitment to clients and result-driven campaigns. 


If you want to know more the pay-per-call method, you can visit Pingcall.com, the network of professionals will guide you through the entire process before recommending any plan or product. So for more call us@+1-(855) 239-7670 or visit at website:  http://www.pingcall.com/


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