The best first aid kits to keep you ready for anything

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The best first aid kits to keep you ready for anything

Ever heard of Murphy? You know, that guy whose law can both be a big pain and cause big pain? He has a way of wrecking life’s best-laid plans (and your ER budget), but when you prepare for his next visit, it becomes a bit less memorable and a bit less painful — especially when that preparation puts one of the best first aid kits front and center. To get more news about Hemostatic Gauze, you can visit official website.

Oddly enough, though, shopping for first aid kits can be a bit more challenging than you might expect, and when words like “sterile”, “acetaminophen”, and “trauma” show up on a shopping list, it gets incredibly easy to “forget” what you need a grab the simplest looking item on the shelf, putting both your wallet and your churning stomach a bit more at ease. Murphy likes it that way, but we don’t.
To that end, we put together a guide to the best first aid kits on the market to boost your confidence and peace of mind while taking some spring out of Murphy’s step.Finding a solid all-around first aid kit at an affordable price can be a challenge, but the Be Smart Get Prepared 326-Piece First Aid Kit manages to pull off the feat nicely. This general purpose first aid kit has virtually everything necessary for a home or workplace setting. This OSHA-compliant kit comes with all the essentials, including nitrile gloves, plenty of cleaning supplies and adhesive bandages, gauze pads and rolls, wound closures, adhesive tape, a triangular bandage, finger splints, an instant cold pack, common over-the-counter medications, and treatments for stings, burns, and heartburn. Additionally, this kit features both English and Spanish first aid guides, as well as other helpful equipment like a trauma pad, eye pads, tweezers, scissors, and cotton tip applicators. This 326-piece kit comes packed inside a secured, wall-mountable hard plastic case, complete with tiltable storage containers for clear organization and a carry handle for easy transportation. While no first aid kit is perfect, this offering from Be Smart Get Prepared gets pretty darn close.

Budgets are limiting reality for anyone living in the real world (we’re looking at you, Congress), but thanks to the First Aid Only 299-Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit, first aid preparation needn’t suffer accordingly. This 299-piece general purpose kit packs in the basics with some extras to boot. In addition to the assortment of essentials, such as disposable gloves, wound cleaners and closures, adhesive bandages, gauze pads and rolls, topical application supplies, tweezers, scissors, and basic meds, this soft clamshell kit comes with comes with virtually all the valuable equipment and supplies one would expect from a true general purpose first aid kit. Bonuses include fingertip and knuckle bandages, moleskin padding, and an emergency blanket. The kit’s storage pouch sports transparent internal pouches to keep everything in place, although organization is somewhat limited. Still, if your pennies are severely limited, this kit is worth the expense.

No matter where disaster strikes, the Lightning X Rip-Away Vehicle Headrest First Aid Kit provides essential equipment to plug the gap until professional help arrives. This advanced first aid kit has all the critical components: nitrile gloves, wound cleaners and closures, adhesive bandages, a triangular bandage and safety pins, trauma pads, eye pads, tweezers, full-size trauma shears, a one-way CPR face shield, an emergency blanket, an instant cold pack, and a wide assortment essential meds. This kit also includes a handful of commonly-overlooked supplies, such as a reusable finger splint, eye wash, eye drops, a digital (!) thermometer, a penlight, and smelling salts. Of course, all these supplies must be easy to access, and the MOLLE-compatible hook-and-loop mounting base turns the nylon case into a rip away first aid kit capable of handling virtually any emergency on road or off it.

Ordinary first aid kits handle adverse weather poorly, but the Surviveware Large Waterproof First Aid Kit is no ordinary kit. This Surviveware kit includes virtually everything you would expect to find in a general purpose first aid kit, but then it ratchets things up to the next level by including a detachable CPR kit (with single-use face shield), a trauma pad, eye pads, an emergency blanket, and 7.5-inch shears. More mundane supplies include nitrile gloves, adhesive bandages, gauze pads and rolls, triangular bandages and safety pins, wound cleaners and closures, ointments, and tweezers. This kit also packs a few surprising, yet welcome, add-ons: single-use thermometers, splinter probes, and a whistle. While this kit does not include any medications, it does provide for inclusion of the user’s own meds with dedicated resealable bags. The IPX7 waterproof, 600D TPU case keeps everything safe and dry while the labeled mesh storage pockets maximize organization while combating adrenaline-fueled brain fog during stressful emergencies. The kit also features a MOLLE-compatible mounting surface, making it easy to go just about anywhere.

Quality purpose-built EDC first aid kits are unicorns of the emergency care world: ideal but seemingly nonexistent. Enter the North American Rescue Solo IFAK, a fantasy come true. This individual first aid kit combines the best of advanced first aid kits with high-end care equipment, making it the perfect tool for treating everything from minor cuts and scrapes to major wounds and burns yet weighs in at only 1.35 pounds, case included. In addition to gloves, wound closures, some adhesive bandages, gauze pads, medical tape, and a triangular bandage, the Solo IFAK provides an emergency blanket, trauma shears, splinter forceps, eye shields, burn care supplies, hemostatic supplies (including a QuikClot dressing, a North American Rescue C-A-T, and more), clear adhesive dressings, silver bandages, an irrigation syringe, a penlight, a permanent marker, and duct tape. While not designed to handle advanced life support applications, this kit also includes a CPR face shield for basic life support. This kit’s pouch sports PALS webbing to allow for easy attachment of additional gear while the back sports MOLLE-compatible mounting hardware.

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