What to Look For in a Good Smart Lock for Airbnbs

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What to Look For in a Good Smart Lock for Airbnbs
1. Design
Deadbolt Replacement: The most common type of smart lock is designed to completely replace your existing door knob or deadbolt. These locks usually include an exterior component like a keypad, a key fob, or a fingerprint scanner, and most can also be controlled through an app. Smart locks with keypads are generally either touchscreen or electronic, with touchscreens using a bit more battery power than their electronic counterparts. The number of codes you are able to program varies by lock, ranging from a handful to unlimited. To get more news about home security companies, you can visit securamsys.com official website.
Deadbolt Adapter: Adapter smart locks are usually app-controlled and are designed to connect to your existing deadbolt. This makes them much easier to install, although the lack of a keypad or other exterior component means that guests need to have a Smartphone and download the app in order to access the property.
2. Connectivity
NFC: Some smart locks work through NFC, or Near Field Communication, meaning that the devices use radio waves to communicate between short distances. The technology is similar to Bluetooth and uses very little energy, although NFC chips really only work for Android devices.
Z-Waves: Z-Waves work similarly to Wi-Fi but tend to use less power. The drawback to locks that connect through Z-waves is that you will need to purchase an extra Z-Wave hub because they cannot communicate directly with your phone.
Bluetooth: Since all smartphones nowadays have Bluetooth, it makes sense that most modern smart locks operate at least partially through Bluetooth. Bluetooth-enabled smart locks offer geofencing, meaning that they prompt your device to search for or recognize the lock once you enter a certain radius around the property. This prevents your phone from constantly searching for the lock and draining the battery, making Bluetooth a power-conservative method of connectivity. A Bluetooth-enabled lock will also function even if your power or internet is down.
Wi-Fi: The best smart locks use a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, since internet connection is also needed if you want to take advantage of most smart features like remote access and system integration.
3. Security
It probably goes without saying that security is one of the main factors you should consider when searching for the best smart door lock for Airbnb rentals. Locks that function purely off Bluetooth are generally considered more secure, since Wi-Fi-enabled devices are always at risk of being hacked. If Airbnb is your main business and you are particularly concerned with potential break-ins, consider choosing a lock that uses two-factor authentication. This may inhibit the ease of the unlocking processes but will certainly add an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Two-factor authentication may require you to hold an approved Bluetooth-enabled device as well as to enter a code.
You may also want to consider choosing a commercial-grade smart lock, although these locks will generally be more expensive than a standard home option. Some locks will also notify you of any suspected tampering or forced entry. Deadbolt adapter locks come with an added sense of security, since the lack of an exterior component means that no one can remove the device from the door or gain physical access to the electronics. Any potential hacker would also need to know which device you have to gain access to the network, which is far more difficult to discern if the lock is only connected from the inside.

4. Smart Features
Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks come with a slew of cool and convenient features that are usually controlled from an app. No matter which combination of these features interests you, be sure that the lock you choose offers a user-friendly app that is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.

Remote Access: Perhaps the most convenient feature for Airbnb hosts, remote access allows you to grant entry to guests even if you’re nowhere near the property. The ability to control your Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock from anywhere means that you can let guests, delivery drivers, housekeepers, or any other authorized persons into your home without taking the time out of your day to visit your property.
Autolock: Another convenient feature for Airbnb hosts, autolock utilizes geofencing to automatically lock and unlock your door when an authorized device enters and leaves a certain radius. This is especially helpful for anyone renting out a vacation property, since you won’t need to worry about guests forgetting to lock the door on their way out. Unfortunately, the autolock feature is notoriously unreliable with some smart locks, so be sure to read the reviews first or go for one of our top picks listed below to ensure that you get the most out of your new lock.
Log Function: This highly useful smart feature will keep you notified of who comes and goes when you’re renting out your home, providing an added level of security that is sure to come in handy.
Integration: Many Wi-Fi-enabled locks can also integrate with smart home systems to turn on lights or check security cameras. Whether you use an Amazon Alexa, an Apple HomeKit, or a Google Assistant, there are plenty of smart locks on the market that work as add-ons to your already high-tech home.
Voice Activation: Perhaps the most futuristic locks of all, voice-controlled locking systems will lock and unlock when you speak your prechosen passcode or phrase.
5. Installation
Depending on your technical skills, you may want to consider the installation process of the smart lock you have your eye on. Some locks are easier to install than others, with deadbolt replacement locks generally being the most difficult to assemble. Read through the installation instructions of the smart lock you plan to purchase to ensure you can get it up and running in time for your next guest. Also consider whether you’ll need to purchase any extra gadgets like a Wi-Fi bridge or a new cylinder.

6. Reliability
The last thing you want as an Airbnb host is for your guests to get locked out because your smart door knob lock is on the fritz. Check the battery quality of your lock before you purchase it, keeping in mind that the simpler the technology the longer the battery life. The most reliable smart locks can run for months or even years without replacement and will even notify you when the battery is low.

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