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Levitra is now available, giving you a new choice in your search for a better erection.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that over 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Medical science has recently made it possible for you to improve the quality of your erections, so that you can go back to enjoying more mutually satisfying sexual encounters.

The manufacturers of Levitra point out that erection quality tends to generally decline with age. Other factors also play a significant role in the quality of your erections. These include health related issues, any medications you might currently be taking, and various lifestyle issues.

On the health front, conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, depression, Arteriosclerosis, and other health conditions often have a direct impact on your erection quality. Other times, it may be the medications that your doctor has prescribed for you to treat those conditions that is having the effect.


Often, medications used to treat some of the conditions listed above, in addition to medications commonly prescribed for allergies and ulcers can be the culprit. Please note, people who take certain medications, in particular, any nitrate based medication, should not take Levitra.

When it comes to lifestyle, the factors that typically come into play will include smoking and drinking. In addition, taking drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, or even anabolic steroids, can interfere with normal erectile function.

Furthermore, your diet can be a variable as well. A diet high in fatty foods may interfere with normal blood flow. High cholesterol may also be a problem.

Of course, it is possible to change some of the factors listed above. You can lose weight, or quit smoking, or stop taking the medications to treat some of your other medical conditions, and each of these might have a positive effect on your erection quality.

But, the simplest, fastest and most effective way for you to quickly improve the quality of your erection is by taking Levitra.

Now that you have a choice, you should be aware that Levitra acts fast. Studies show that Levitra works in half the time of Viagra, and lasts longer. It also has fewer side effects.

Knowing these things, it makes Levitra the obvious choice for any man.

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