How to Talk About Indescribable Feelings in English | How to Express Strong Emotions in English

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asked Jun 4, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by richamalhotra (620 points)


Like me, my group, and my understudies, you might be battling to communicate the sentiments, grievousness, and agony you're encountering with the conflict in Ukraine.


For the Speak Confident English Team, this is profoundly private.


We have colleagues, understudies, and local area individuals living in Ukraine.


We stand immovably with Ukraine. We reverberate worldwide calls for harmony and a finish to this hostility.


We additionally stand with our Russian understudies and local area individuals who are in a roundabout way harmed and had no way out in these occasions.


Express Strong Emotions in English — Transcript

What words might you at any point use to portray the unbelievable in English?


During seasons of emergency, we frequently battle to put voice to those significant sensations of shock, stress, tension, and distress.

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