Dough Mixer Machine

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asked May 27, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_xV5pxmKZ (240 points)
This dough mixer machine for home is designed so that people don't need to knead the dough by hand.You just need to pour the flour into the bowl, and then add the corresponding water needed for the flour.Then press the power button,the machine will start kneading the dough automatically.

Product Specifications:
Name: Dough mixer machine

Model: RL-800

Capacity: 7L (full amount

Maximum mixing capacity: 3.5k

Rated voltage: AC, 220V, 50Hz;

Rated power: 200W, single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor (large motor used in washing machine)

Motor speed: 1300 rpm

Motor insulation class: Class B

Power cord: exposed 1M,CE plug

Product selling point summary

Selling point 1: Food-grade 304 stainless steel bowl, full size 7L, with four grooves around the design, increase the friction between the dough and the bowl, and make the dough better;

Selling point 2: Transparent bowl cover with filling port, integrated design of filling port cover and enlarged measuring cup, and bowl cover gripping groove, designed as "Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish", in line with traditional Chinese culture;

Selling point 3: The appearance is a cute smiling face design, which immediately catches the attention of housewives and children;

Selling point 4: Multi-stage transmission design, increase output torque, increase operation stability, and reduce noise;

Selling point 5: The bowl holder perfectly wraps the bottom of the bowl, which is convenient for heating up the dough;

Selling point 6: Kneading paddle,layered, arc-shaped design, reduce motor resistance, extend motor service life; increase the contact surface of kneading paddle and dough; even the amount of kneading paste is small, and it can be stirred. dough does not stick to the bottom of the bowl; Drive the dough to rotate in a spherical shape, and the kneading effect is better;

Selling point 7: The whole machine "L" structure design, plus 4 enlarged version of large suction feet, the base is stable, avoiding the traditional "semi-enclosed" structure of the kneading machine with light head, the center of gravity is unstable, and the congenital defects of large shaking.

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