What is Virtual dressing room?

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Research shows that shoppers are 3x more likely to buy products that are shown on models they can relate to. And that’s why virtual dressing rooms are so much in demand nowadays. They help shoppers visualize what products and outfits would look like on them while increasing conversions and lowering returns.


Vue.ai’s Virtual Dressing Room


Boost eCommerce conversions with product and outfit visualization on relatable models for every shopper

Dressing Room is an A.I. style visualization tool that enables fashion eCommerce brands to showcase collections on diverse models that look just like their shoppers. Shoppers can mix & match looks and visualize them on models that are most relevant to their body type, size, and ethnicity - making for an extremely personalized and inclusive eCommerce dressing room experience in real-time

Virtual dressing room by vuemodel is the one of best innovation for ecommerce retailers. Our virtual fitting room allows shoppers can style their products in real time. We close the gap between physical purchase and online purchase. our Vuemodel helps retailers to deliver personalize virtual dressing room experience for each ad every customers.Today, one of the top reasons for returns is that the product was not as described or didn’t look like it did in the image. Vuemodel can solve all problem of fit and it reduce returns & increase AOV.

The Latest Update: Dressing Room through VueX


Virtual Dressing Room is now accessible through VueX, Vue.ai’s digital experience management platform. It is available as a strategy model and as a new template called "Dressing Room". You will also be able to configure 1:1 personalization, display or hide ''Out of Stock'’ products, and add business rules for this strategy. 

You can also create journeys using Dressing Room and experiment with other Dressing Room journeys. 

What You Can Do With It


With VueX, deploying Dressing Room is now easier than ever. You can set up Dressing Room to be accessed right from the homepage, the category listing page, or even the product details page.

Measuring Impact

Deploying Vrtual Dressing Room right from VueX also means you have a single dashboard to track performance metrics and more. You can monitor the performance of Dressing Room and understand your shoppers better by using the interactive dashboard under the tab 'Dressing Room' on the Metrics page. This will display the overall Dressing Room-specific metrics such as:

Summary Metrics: You can view the number of products tried on a model in the Virtual Dressing Room by clicking on  'Products tried on Dressing Room'.


Performance Metrics: Displays Dressing Room metrics like 'Number of Outfits Tried' and 'Number of Outfits Purchased' at a journey level. You can also add filters to view the metrics from a strategy or module level.

If you would like to see a demo of how the product works via VueX or the Virtual Dressing Room solution, please visit our website Virtual Dressing Room.

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