Defense was also an important aspect of the next-gen AI front

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The primary goal for defense was Nba 2k22 Mt to give gamers the ability to significantly alter the outcome of the game both on the floor as well as at the rim. If you were a good perimeter defender with a good sense of timing, we wanted you to be able to hold the dribbler to force an exchange. If you were a rim protector we wanted to equip you with the power to send away weak shots with impunity.

The shot contest and the blocking system were completely revamped, leading to several new snatch blocks and volleyball spikes that never was seen prior to. The shot contest was rewritten to eliminate from the "ghost contests" that people complained about in the past, and this year being out of position or not getting a hand on the shooter's side will result in simple buckets to help the offense. However shooting with a proper crowding strategy and successful contests will bring numerous airballs and bricks which is exactly what they are supposed to.

For floor protectors, body-up rides and bumps can be more enjoyable particularly for those with the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller thanks to the haptic feedback. The ability to launch, change direction, stop as well as cuts all feel much tighter, and PS5 players will notice much less sliding on both sides of the floor because of enhancements to foot-planting.

Defense was also an important aspect of cheap mt nba 2k22 the next-gen AI front. The new defensive positioning algorithm on the ball provides defenders with more consistency in their positioning, regardless their location from where they're positioned. This, together with motion improvements, allowed us to improve overall defensive positioning. This means PS5 players will feel more pressure defensively at the ball, which was not present in last year's game.

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