Prefab Container Guest House

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asked May 12, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Bk07a5mr (160 points)
Each of the hotel's rooms is made of high quality container house and is slightly larger than the standard containers. When workers are building a building, they only need to put one modular container from low to high, such as "stacked wood", and then use screws to clamp them to each other. Then install the doors and windows, a little decoration and layout, add the hanging board to the container hotel. In addition, K-home offers basic interior finishes ranging from bathrooms and plasterboard walls to power outlets.

Each container of the hotel is "made by K-home". Due to special treatment, this special room is insulated, sturdy and durable. These container home will be equipped with all the furniture and appliances of a traditional hotel.

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answered Jun 22, 2022 by webdesignplus69 (18,720 points)

Wooden containers not only look attractive but are also extremely durable. Even though they cost more than the other containers, wooden containers make a better choice for long term container gardening. Perennial plants or large plants especially grow well in wooden containers. Since container house for sale look very attractive they are best placed around prominent spaces around the house so as to add to the beauty of the area. One only has to be careful not to go in for pre-treated wood especially from the inside as harmful chemicals may leach onto the soil and ultimately harm the plants.

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