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Have you ever felt super accomplished and proud of yourself for managing to grab all the groceries out of your car and closing the trunk in a single trip, only to have your hopes and dreams smashed in a second when you realized that as soon as you approached the door, you forgot to grab your keys out of your pocket?To get more news about home security companies, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Investing in a smart lock could make this problem one of the past. Smart locks are extremely convenient home accessories that make it easier to enter and leave your residence. They use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone, smart speaker, or home network, so that you can lock and unlock your doors remotely. That way, you can give quick access to guests, repairpersons, or delivery people.
Besides eliminating physical keys, most smart locks also let you generate unique custom codes to give to family and friends that you can delete or change when you need to. Since most smart locks are connected to the internet, they can also help you keep track of when members of your family leave and get back home. They’re a good option for vacation homeowners who want an easy but secure way to allow guests to enter a property and keep it locked when they depart.
Full Deadlock Replacement Versus Retrofitted Smart Lock: When shopping for a smart lock, you’ll first need to determine what type of smart lock you want to buy. Some smart locks can be installed on top of an existing deadlock without requiring you to replace the cylinder or key. Others require a full deadbolt replacement. Retrofitted setups are the easiest path to having a smart lock, and are a good option for renters who don’t want to change keys.
Make Sure Your Door Is Compatible: We also recommend inspecting your door prior to purchasing a smart lock so you know it'll be able to automatically turn your deadbolt. If you need to push or pull on the door for the bolt to turn smoothly — or if your door is misaligned — there’s a good chance a smart lock won’t work with your setup. Pro tip: You can likely install the app for the smart lock prior to purchasing it in order to get an idea of what installation will look like, and if your door will be compatible or not.
Your Own Unique Usage Needs: Smart locks vary greatly in features, so you need to determine how you want to interact with your smart lock. Some smart locks have keypads for inputting a pin, and most allow you to download an app and open your door with your smartphone or smartwatch. Some have embedded fingerprint scanners, while some sync with your smart speaker to unlock and lock your door using your voice. Others can use your smartphone’s GPS signal to automatically lock or unlock your door when you’re within a preset boundary.
We compared more than two dozen smart locks to analyze their feature sets, ease of installation, and overall durability and reliability. Because we’re talking about products that literally give folks access to your home, we sifted through companies’ privacy policies to see how manufacturers deal with customer data. We also spent several hours reading up on exploits, vulnerabilities, and former breaches that smart home companies have dealt with. We ensured our picks use encryption and two-factor authentication, as well as requiring passwords for their apps so that your home is safe.
The August Wi-Fi is the best smart lock for most buyers. It offers an incredibly easy installation that takes under 20 minutes. It’s reliable and fast to unlock. Since Wi-Fi is built into the August, you don’t need to buy a smart home hub to enable remote access. It also utilizes Bluetooth, which helps lengthen its battery life.

The ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro is one of the most versatile smart locks we’ve come across. A Wirecutter top pick thanks to its clean hardware and low-profile design, this option requires a full deadbolt replacement to use. What makes the ULTRALOQ stand out from other options is the number of ways you can interact with the lock. Users have a choice of six ways to enter their home.

The Level Lock is a handsome and modern HomeKit-compatible smart lock that’s one of the few locks that doesn’t look like a smart lock. It takes just 15 minutes to install, and has a significantly slimmer profile than every other smart lock.

It works with Apple’s HomeKit platform for remote control and voice control via Siri on your Apple devices. It’s also worth a mention that the Level Lock does not work with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.The budget-friendly Wyze Lock may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive smart locks, but it does offer an easy setup and clean design, which makes it more convenient to open and lock your door. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t integrate with the Google Assistant, but you can control it via an Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speaker or with your smartphone.

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