High Temperature Binder

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High Temperature Binder
High temperature binder is a kind of uniform viscous colloid products, made of a variety of refractory materials and special binder mix, the product has a higher binding strength after curing.

High temperature binder is the best binder for current building blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, coke ovens, oil refineries, electric furnaces, glass pool furnaces, power plant boilers, petrochemical industry furnaces, etc., as well as for maintenance and rush repair. It is a kind of high quality refractory material with good workability, high temperature resistance, high bond strength and high temperature resistance characteristics.
Products Display:

1. High softening temperature under load, drying and barbecue shrinkage

2. High bonding strength after sintering and good overall structure of masonry

3. It has good chemical stability at high temperature

4. Good air tightness and good chemical corrosion resistance

1. Masonry and bonding between firebricks

2. High temperature bonding between all kinds of refractory materials and refractory fiber products

3. Hardness treatment of refractory fiber surface coating

4. Ceramic industry: roller kiln, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, high temperature kiln car, special industrial ceramic firing furnace, etc

5. Glass industry: annealing furnace, toughening furnace, hot bending furnace, etc

6. Building materials furniture industry: stone, Mosaic, solid wood furniture bonding, etc

7. Electronic and electrical industry: magnetic material sintering furnace, thermal equipment (industrial furnace), etc

8. Metal heat treatment industry: forging furnace, tempering furnace, vacuum furnace, carbonization furnace, cover furnace, aluminum melting furnace, ladle cover and heat insulation lining, etc

9. Petrochemical industry: ethylene cracking furnace, reformer, atmospheric/vacuum furnace, coking furnace, flue gas pipeline, etc.
Company information:

Huanya New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 in Foshan, and then set up branches in Henan and Shanxi.Huanya New Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of refractory products with the ability of production, research and development and sales.

The main products are refractory brick, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber series products, thermal insulation brick and castable, refractory mud, refractory sand, aggregate and other unshaped refractory products.The specifications and models of each product are complete and very popular in the market.

Our products have been exported to India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Russia, Iran and 13 other countries.The company's products are widely used in metal casting, thermal power generation, glass-ceramics, waste incineration, boiler and other industries.

You are welcome to order if necessary.
Package Informations:
1. Package in Kraft bag or Plastic bag.

2. We can also pack the goods according to your requirement.


1. Fedex/DHL/UPS TNT as sample.

2. Partial shipment.

3. Designated freight forwarder or negotiable mode of transport.

4. Delivery time: 3 days for ordinary shape samples and 15 days for special shape samples.Delivery within 30 days of shipment.


1. What quality tests have your company's products gone through?


2. Is it convenient to tour the factory?

Sure,welcome at any time,seeing is believing.

3. What is the shelf life of the product?

We have 1 years warranty.If any quality problems on our side occured in this period ,we will take on the shipping cost and replacement.

4. How soon can we expect delivery?

Generally 10-20days after deposit.

5. Can you send the sample first? Is it free?

Of course,free samples are available,and generally the buyer shall bear all the delivery cost.

6. Is the product customizable?

Of course. We can customize all kinds of refractory products according to your drawings.

Contact us:

contact person:Martin

Tel/Whatsapp: +8613923217470

Email: [email protected]


Adderss:4A02, 4A Floor, Ruiying Commercial Building, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China https://www.huanya-refractory.com/aluminum-furnace-equipment-consumables/high-temperature-binder.html

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