Automatic Oral Disintegrating Film Making Machine

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Automatic Oral Disintegrating Film Making Machine

Automatic ODF shaped bag packing machine, is special packing equipment applying to packing of shaped pouch for strip products.Get more news about Oral Disintegrating Film Making Machine,you can vist our website!

This equipment adopts frequency conversion speed control and automatic control technology of machine, electric, light and gas, and innovates the design according to the “GMP” standard of the pharmaceutical industry. The equipment has the functions of detecting the waste, photoelectric eye automatic photoelectric graphic version adjustable, the whole machine split combination, the modular structure of the station, aluminum / plastic – aluminum / aluminum dual-use and the capsule to turn the color separation and many other features. The model is for the new thin film drugs for continuous improvement, innovation and research and development, its comprehensive performance to the leading domestic level, the technology to fill the gaps, and imported equipment more practical and economical.

The company equipped with professional technical support and after-sales service, also could send technician to the customer’s enterprise to adjust machines, supervise technique and training the stuff etc.
a) This machine uses split module construction. During transport and cleaning, the module can be removed separately for easy operation. The installation adopts the cylinder pin positioning, the screw fastening, the assembly is simple

b) Mold with pressure plate clamping, loading and unloading is very simple

c) The main motor using frequency control, according to the length of the trip and the size of the product to set the corresponding number of blanking.

d) Using manipulator holds the traction mechanism, smooth operation, accurate synchronization, in the range of any adjustable, that is, in the range can be arbitrarily designed plate size. Due to the use of contact-type version of the heating, reducing the heating power and temperature, save energy and increase the stability of plastic.

e) Up and down the textured version with heat sealing, That is, both positive and negative are dotted textures (also can be line seal). As the two sides of the same stress, so that the plate is smoother, while improving the sealing performance.

f) After the use of packaging materials, pinch automatically alarm, stop, and equipped with emergency stop safety device to improve the operator in the debugging and mold for the safety.

g) All parts in contact with the material and other parts, are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, meet the “GMP” requirements.

h) This machine cutting and crosscutting inter across the integration, the material can be precisely divided into a single sheet-like products, and then use the sucker to accurately locate and move the material to the packaging film, laminated, heat sealing, punching, the final output Packaging complete product, to achieve the integration of the product line packaging.

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