Metal Graphite Carbon Brush

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asked Apr 27, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_pUOkZx3k (220 points)
The metal graphite carbon brush is formed by baking and sintering graphite and metal powder for current and signal transmission. The most widely used carbon product in the motor industry has the advantages of high electrical conductivity, stable mechanical properties, and high transient current density. Widely used in petroleum, cement, paper, steel, mining and other industries, we have a large number of spare parts for you to choose. A good carbon brush can give you long-term stable operation and little maintenance. We can design a complete carbon brush system that includes a slip ring and a carbon brush holder to match your performance to make your product perform better.

We can customize the production according to customer requirements.

Technical Characteristics:

● Selected materials

● Specific designs

● Low load running to high current

● High to low humidity

● Wide speed range

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