Series G Pneumatic

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Red Valve manufactures a complete line of pneumatically and electrically actuated Series G Knife Gate Valves. The RD Actuator is constructed of a lightweight, self-lubricating black Amalgon cylinder, aluminum cylinder heads and stainless steel piston rod. Black Amalgon is resistant to chemical and corrosive attack and is more dent resistant than aluminum or brass. Pneumatic positioners can be used to either close or open the valve upon increase of signal pressure. Optional electropneumatic positioners accept a standard ISA 4-20 mA signal.Get more news about electric gate valve,you can vist our website!

Electrically-actuated Series G Knife Gate Valves are actuated by AUMA electric operators as a standard. These operators can be supplied with either 220-volt of 440-volt three-phase service and have a NEMA 4 rating. Standard features include Class F insulation, a de-clutchable handwheel override, opening and closing torque and stroke limit switches, three pushbutton station with selector switch and position indicator. Other electric operators, ratings and services are available. A modulation version is available that accepts the standard ISA 4-20 mA input signal. When ordering electrically-actuated Series G Knife Gates, please specify electrical service and pressure drop across the valve.

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