Five Wigs To Make You Look New

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asked Apr 23, 2022 in H&E by Ashleyhair094 (360 points)

Life needs freshness, just can let a person shine at the moment feeling, let a person feel happy. Girls should know how to dress up and match different makeup styles on different occasions.

The first was a brown and black protruding curly wig with highlights.
This kind of human hair Brazilian wigs are natural and suitable for different types of girls.
Not only do the hair colors match well, but the colors are also more attractive and fashionable.
This is what many people will choose because it is suitable for almost every girl.

The second, a 27-color or 613-length lace wig, was preferred by white women.
The HD lace frontal wigs will make you feel more beautiful.
The blonde color makes women feel sexy and warm.
In addition, we do not recommend ombre 613, as the Ombre effect is more suitable for black women.
It is well known that for us white women, lighter colors are better for our skin.

The third color is brown, such as 4, 6, 8, or the more fashionable 30.
The common feature of these colors is that they make you look stylish and sexy.
So, when you wear these colorful wigs, you also need to wear them with fashion, and heels are a must.
Also, suggest colors to wear with this style of closure weave; a white dress will look great on you.

The fourth style is short wavy hair.
It includes deep ripple texture and water wave texture.
They are different from straight hair because it is simply straight hair that looks active and youthful.
In addition, deep wave and water wave textures will make you more rational and feminine.
Maybe it just means sexy.
Since you can't be young forever, you can be an elegant old man. What do you think?
Therefore, when choosing this kind of wig, something rational and elegant is a good choice, a brown coat and black dress will be your best choice.
Of course, you can also pair them with a stylish pair of sunglasses to add a touch of mystery.

The last one suggests long hair, such as a 28 - and 30-inch wig.
If you're tall, a long, straight wig can first create a good impression from behind.
However, we want to make sure the fake hair is smooth and straight, not just natural.
The breeze blowing through silky straight hair will be beautiful.
However, naturally straight hair can make you look lazy.
If you wear a wig with long, straight silk hair, you can choose a popular color, just black or brown highlights.
It is not recommended to embellish long hair too much, because this is against our wishes.
When you wear this wig, it fits into ordinary clothes.
Because your hair earned a high rate of return.

5 wigs each have their own charm, suitable for you to attend a variety of occasions. Go for a great wig and opt for West Kiss Hair!

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