How do I achieve contact Dunks

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asked Apr 13 in H&E by Skyzhay (1,020 points)

Contact dunks are done by pressing Nba 2k22 Mt down R2 or RT while keeping the left stick pointed upwards as you sprint towards the basket. It is essential to have a defense protecting the paint in order that the player is able to finish the contact dunk by stepping over him.

Elite finishers have a higher chance to finish contact dunks more than opponents. The players who have the elite or professional packages can gain contact dunks however the difficulty of finishing increases for players with high paint defense as well as blocks.

Dunk contest control is different than regular mt 2k22 dunks that you see in games. Participants can select the kind of dunk they'd like to do based on the specific dunks available within NBA 2K22. It's all about timing and execution when performing thesemoves, as judges will scrutinize the dunks when deciding to score.

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