Consider it a public service announcement maybe to the newer ppl into Madden

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asked Apr 12, 2022 in Electron Microscopy by Breezespring (500 points)

Yeah. Consider it a public service announcement maybe to Mut 23 coins the newer ppl into Madden. If you feel the need, Don't hesitate to verify my page. However, if ppl don't speak up nothing will ever change. Do not listen to that kid.. He literally already preordered the mvp variant of madden 23. still am on here for posts such as these although I quit. I still play 19 from time to time but would rather not play than give ea money for nothing.

I won't be. After how they handled Madden 20 all the way throughout (and I will not get into all the facts ), there were just so many issues on the way they handled Madden 20. But, I believe one had been animations. When I have a WR on a streak and that I click the competitive catch button but he goes into defensive mode, it's so frustrating. I fired up NHL 19 lately, and I forgot the way the game flows so smoothly and responds as expected when you click on a button. I can't foresee how Madden 23 does not have issues much the devs discount the community.

Soccer is simply not a fantastic enough motive to balance out the greed, lack of fresh features, absence of gameplay improvements, lack of content, and the lack of care this sport receives because it has no competitor. Rubs me the wrong way as none of it appears to be put back into the game, that this game makes hundreds of millions yearly and none of Mut 23 coins that shows. I quit this past year, best I felt in a while. Played games by game founders who care about their base, that felt great. Not coming back until EA gets my time.

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