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The 2021-22 NFL City Edition jerseys are finally here! This is one of my favorite times of the NFL season, as fans have a new jersey and typically a new court design to look forward to.To get more news about discount custom nfl jersey, you can visit formaxproductions.com official website.

City Edition uniforms are meant to pay tribute to either the franchise’s history or the city in which they play. With this year being the NFL’s 75th anniversary, all of these jerseys are more heavily inspired by the team’s past compared to recent years.When I first saw the jerseys that were released, I wasn’t too impressed. After further consideration, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best line up of City Edition uniforms we have ever seen. Nike has released an article explaining all of the little details that can be found in each jersey, and I highly recommend checking it out.
imageAt the end of the day, this list is my opinion. You may feel that I’m wrong, and that’s okay, because I probably am. Take what you want from this list, but this is my ranking of the 2021-22 NFL City Edition jerseys.I decided to leave any jerseys that have been previously worn off this list. Both the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz decided to bring back their City Edition jerseys from last year, and rightfully so. It would have been a shame to see the Suns get rid of arguably one of their most iconic looks after one season. The Jazz probably should have moved on from this jersey set this season, but it does look good on the court, so I can’t complain too much.

There doesn’t appear to be any real direction with this jersey set. It seems like the designer decided to slap on a bunch of different elements from the Nuggets past without any real direction. This lack of direction just leads to a cluttered mess that will certainly be forgotten before the season is even over.

Similar to the Nuggets jersey, there seems to be a lack of vision with where the Hornets wanted to go with this. This uniform has implemented elements from the 1980s to elements all the way to today’s uniforms, such as the number font.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why they decided to go from a honeycomb pattern, into a blue gradient fade, and then back to the honeycomb pattern. Just to make matters worse, they decided to slap pinstripes on top of it all.

I love certain elements of this look as the Hornets have a good list of iconic jerseys they can work with. The Hornets wanted to pay homage to all of their previous looks in one jersey set, and the result is sloppy to say the least.This feels like an AAU jersey more than anything. The Magic have made the decision to use the color orange to represent the orange groves that helped build the city’s economy. I will always be a fan of a team paying homage to its hometown, but the best feature the Magic could come up with is oranges?

Colors aside, the gradient side paneling and multi-colored stars make this uniform set feel dated, especially when compared to other looks on this list.The Celtics are in an extremely difficult situation when it comes to releasing new uniforms. The franchise has been littered with NFL championships and Hall of Fame players, which has cemented the team’s legacy in the books. This level of history and culture have locked the Celtics into their iconic jersey set, making it difficult for them to branch out to do anything new.

What do we expect from the Celtics? Their hands are really tied with what they can do as the fan base is very much stuck in the past. Overall, I like the look of these for what the Celtics are working with.It feels like the Lakers missed the opportunity to knock these out of the park. I do not understand why the franchise decided to implement the color scheme from the 1960s-era Lakers into this specific jersey set when they already paid homage to that era in last years City Edition jersey.

The Lakers aren’t remembered for their run in the early 60s, and the franchise has decades of unique uniforms they could have mashed together. I just would’ve liked the same amount of passion to be put into this uniform as many other teams put into theirs.

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