Screws, Bolts and Nuts: All about them

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Construction supplies are an extensive category. All these materials have their place in the industry and should not be overlooked when constructing a new project. In this blog post, explore just a few of these supplies and what they're used for and will help you to buy construction supplies.




Screws are a versatile fastener that can serve as a permanent or temporary fixing. Screws are driven into the workpiece using a DIY drill which is unwound from the screw end of its shaft as you turn it. The screw is tightened by turning the screwdriver around the nut at their bottom end - this draws the two parts together and fixes them securely with a 'screw joint' – so they won't come apart, but can still move relative to one another




Bolts are a type of screw that connects one thing to another. Bolts come in a variety of sizes- including machine, hexagonal and flat nose. Flat nose bolts have a flat head and they can deform like washers when tightened with a nut or bolt tightener




The type of nut you buy basically depends on what you need it for. If you need to screw something down and know your drill fits, the best nuts and bolts would be machine screws and lock nuts because they offer stability and security. If you plan to reuse the screw, then go with threaded nuts. For any other job requiring a possible application, I suggest that you use barrel or hex-head screws and hex washers (also known as "lock" nuts) which allows for easy installation without coming undone


Types of screws and bolts


Screws and bolts are one of those things that play a critical role in our daily lives. If something goes wrong, they could make it happen again. Even if you're really handy, you can't always find the right sizes or styles of screws and bolts because time has changed the need for them over time.


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