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Does anything say Farmhouse Fabulous like a Charming Floral Arrangement? There is nothing like some beautiful blooms put together in a simple yet gorgeous way. You are going to find a collection of quick and easy Floral Arrangements here that will simply melt your heart. Each and everyone is picture perfect and as soon as you add one of them to your space you will swear that the birds are chirping and the bulbs are blooming! Each idea is something that you can adapt after shopping your own home…how great is that…just add fresh or faux blooms and viola…Magic! So …pour yourself a yummy mug of your favorite brew…sit back…relax and prepare to enjoy one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations…Flowers! When you are looking for fresh Flowers… remember to try your favorite Grocery Store or my favorite place Trader Joe’s… it is incredible what between $4-$10 can get you!Get more news about Touch Spring,you can vist our website!
No flowers says Spring like the simple… elegant Tulip! When you visit Zevy Joy she is going to show you how to create an incredible arrangement that is very organize… natural and highlight the pure natural beauty of the Tulip! She also has a very wonderful tip that you can use for all your arrangements… she likes to set up a little still life with the flowers and I think that tip is BRILLIANT! Enjoy your visit!

As always … everything that Lucy touches turns into a masterpiece! Watch as she shows you how to take Grocery Store Roses to make a magical Spring Fresh Floral Arrangement. I love how she has tiered the flowers so each one’s beauty is in full bloom! enjoy!

Well Christina also has some great tips that she is sharing with us today that will your Grocery Store Bouquets look like a million bucks! Come check out the tips and tricks and then try your hand at it. I know that this story will have a happy ending for sure!

What Farmhouse Lover can resist vintage style ceramic crocks? The answer would be NO ONE!!!! Well you have to see how Leslie arranged gorgeous Spring Blooms into a vignette of three crocks. It is totally stunning! She is sharing her tips and tricks so you can use them in the containers you have… once you have the basics… the sky is the limit!

One thing I learned from this post right off the bat is that using a galvanized bucket is a brilliant vessel for a Farmhouse Floral Arrangement! You just can’t loose! The Nester is going to walk you through all different parts of floral arrangement from the Floral Color Scheme to the Container to Visual Movement and so much more! A must read! ENJOY!

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