Waste Plastic Crushing Machine

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asked Mar 30 in 3D Segmentation by freeamfva (33,260 points)

1. The machine base is divided into two parts, which is specially used for recycling materials that are not easy to break, high design output and high efficiency.Get more news about Kolor Sorter Optyczny,you can vist our website!

2. External heavy rotor bearing: the strong bearing device is installed outside the machine to prevent dust from entering the bearing. It has long service life and the maintenance is convenient, it is especially effective for the crushing of those with water.

3. Specially designed deflection wedge: the deflection wedge is a removable attachment used to change the first broken cutting point and eliminate the obstruction of the rotor, it also improve the production efficiency and the service life of the rotor.

4. Superb V-cutting technology: GSH series cutting tools adopt the latest V-cutting technology to avoid the material to be attached to the side wall and increase the wearing resistance of the sidewall.

5. High-quality GSH series crusher is widely used in the broken recovery of box, profile, pipe, film, sheet or large solid objects and other plastics.

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