Auctions in January raised nearly $5 million

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For the last Mut 22 coins three decades, the John Madden Football video game franchise generated an estimated $7 billion revenue, per the New York Times. The show began in 1988 before being changed to "Madden." NFL Network even had a show dedicated exclusively to the game "Madden NFL Live." It has become the second-highest-selling sports video game in history, trailing soccer-themed shows like FIFA.

For those who aren't familiar, a new version of "Madden" is released every year and features a different sportsman on the cover. The most recentone, Madden 22, featured players like quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. With every new release the player's ratings are announced for real-life NFL players, whom are actually able to play during the gameplay.

Auctions in January raised nearly $5 million. That figure also includes the sales of other notable games.

A copy of "Halo Combat Evolved" in 2001, for instance, was the only Xbox game to sell six figures, and was sold for $108,000. One of the versions from the final production edition of "Super Mario Bros." in the 1980s cost $186,000. Three sealed games of "The Legend of Zelda: series topped $150,000 each.

An Super Mario Bros. game was mut coins madden 22 the highest-priced video game ever sold, when it was sold with a value of $2.5 million during August as reported by The Times.


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