what is spotify premium and how does it work?

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what is spotify premium and how does it work?

There are most important differences among Spotify Free and Premium in our separate features, but as a quick overview that the free version is ad-supported similar to radio stations. Spotify’s free version Spotify can be used via laptop, PC as well as mobile phones, but the premium service requires the purchase of a Spotify Premium membership.

What is the process behind Spotify’s function?

The first step to start listening to songs on Spotify is straightforward:

  1. Go to on the Spotify website to sign-up. We suggest signing up using Facebook If you already have an account. It will help you find and follow your friends, check out what they’re listening too, and connect with them on their music.
  2. Select the subscription plan. We recommend you go with Spotify Premium as it gives you access to many more features, has more flexibility and can be used with a wider range of devices.
  3. Download and install the no-cost Spotify application. There are apps for desktop computers as well as iPad/iPhone as well as Android phones..
  4. Log into your account on these devices and start listening.

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