The child of Jason Aaron Mills in London

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The child of Jason Aaron Mills Nba 2k22 Mt in London before emigrating to the States as a child, IDK, which stands for "Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge"--spent the first years of his life watching the greats play while figuring out his own technique. As a professional, Mills is ready to take on all titles. As a kid at home in Maryland, Mills was always around basketball--he played it at a decent level, but music was always the path for him. Of course, the two have gone hand-in-hand since forever.

The rapper, producer and singer-songwriter's initial experience in the realm of basketball was when he wrote the soundtrack for NBA star Kevin Durant's documentary, Basketball County: In The Water In 2020. Outside of the Maryland connection, it's appropriate to compare IDK's work to that of Durant's--someone who endured a lot of challenges to get to where he is today.

From sitting in jail aged 17 looking at an 80-year prison sentence for armed robbery from the time he decided to get into music and make an excellent name in the music industry His journey with IDK has been pretty incredible. Today, aged 29 with a solid catalogue of music to his name, IDK boasts plenty of praise and has collaborated with some of the top artists from his time with DMX to Tyler.

The Creator, Young Thug from Burna Boy. The music of IDK, though fitting perfectly in today's world of trap and music, remains conscious, unafraid to tackle tough subject matter including wrestling with the past and his religion, to how the social landscape is to him as an Black person in America.

On the heels of cheap mt nba 2k22 his album for 2021 USEE4URSELF the singer finds himself back on the court and this time, with a new single as component of NBA 2K22 soundtrack. We caught up with IDK to discuss the polarity between rappers and ballers as well as his experience as an London guy living the American dream and what he enjoys more about the NBA 2K franchise.

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