wall hung bathroom vanity

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wall hung bathroom vanity

Wall Hung Vanity Units

A popular feature in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, wall hung vanity units come in many different designs. Ideal for providing additional storage, a vanity unit can also be used as a base to set a sink or basin. Modern vanity units can house one or two bowls of varying shapes: for a smart, minimalist look, why not opt for a square basin? Wall hung vanity units have the added advantage of offering a solid base on which to house a sink - essential to minimise the risk of pipe leakage or other plumbing problems.

Our designs include units with chic straight edges or gently curved options for a retro-look. As well as sparkling, pure white (the most popular choice for bathrooms, due to its fresh, clean appearance), we also supply vanity units in timber or grey shades, potentially adding visual interest and an engaging accent to your bathroom decor. New materials allow us to provide units that have the appearance of marble or timber but are actually made from more economical materials that are specifically designed to cope with the moisture and humidity which are part-and-parcel of the bathroom atmosphere.


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