Madden proclaimed that she's an incredibly important resource for have on Blue River's side

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Here's the full description of the way Madden 22's Super Bowl game went this year Mut 22 coins, as per EA. 1st quarter "Cincinnati scored first" with the aid of a Joe Burrow touchdown pass to Ja'Marr Chase, but the Rams immediately respond with a four-yard jog from Sony Michel to tie the game."

Third quarter "The lone score in the second period came just before halftime on a 32-yard play and score by Cooper Kupp, giving the Rams a lead of 14-7 at the break." Third quarter "Defense bent the game in the final quarter. Eli Apple intercepts Matthew Stafford to score a touchdown in the middle at halftime, and tying the game for 14."

The fourth quarter was "Offense took over the final quarter which began with a Bengals touchdown game led by Burrow which culminated with a 13-yard touchdown touchdown pass to Tee Higgins. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Rams scored a touchdown with a pass at Odell Beckham Jr.

The game was tied late in the fourth quarter. With only seconds in the clock, Burrow is leading the Bengals in a final drive. Evan McPherson kicks a game-winning 49-yard field goalthat gives the Bengals their very first Super Bowl victory in franchise history."

Of course, Madden isn't always flawless in its simulation. Whether you choose to believe the Bengals will win their way to the Super Bowl is up to you buy madden coins. Watch the big game and find out how it all actually unfolds on Sunday, February 13.

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