How do I choose a hair topper color?

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Here are some tips to help understand color codes.

1. Blended colors are indicated with a 'B' in the color code. blends their solid colors to achieve new colors that mimic natural tones.

2. Tipped colors are indicated with a 'T' in the color code.  Highlighting is demonstrated through the body of the blonde frontal wig or 27 hair color pieces, as well as the ends.

3. Highlighted colors ('H') were especially designed around current fashion forward styles, adding flare with multiple colors streaked into a base color.

4. Rooted colors are indicated with an  'R'  in the color code. The roots are colored a darker shade than the rest of the 40 inch lace front wig. This has an appealing effect of colored hair with natural regrowth. For example: 16R, is a rooted chocolate caramel shade.


We mimic the international color numbering system to identify colors. We have decoded the hair colors, current human hair colors are divided into five parts: Blacks, Browns, Blondes, Reds and Grays. For each part, it will include base colors and expanded colors.


Black collections:

#1 Jet Black: Darkest Black(Pitch Black)

G-1B Off-Black: Darker Black (A slight shade lighter than Jet Black)

Natural Black : Natural Growth Black that can be bleached and dyed. Lighter than Off Black but Darker than Dark Brown.


Brown collections:

G2 - Dark Coffee Brown, it is the shade of a dark coffee bean.

G4 - Medium Brown, rich chocolate brown.

G246 - Milk Chocolate, it's a medium brown highlighted with light brown.

6-8 – Pecan. Chestnut Brown with subtle hints of our Lightest Brown.

10H24C - English Toffee, it’s a brown color that has Light Chestnut Brown highlighted with dark dirty Blonde. T-414 - Rooted Mocha, Medium Brown and Light Brown Blend with Blonde highlights and Medium Brown Roots.


Blonde collections:

8-12 - Toffee, it's a dark blonde color that contains Lightest Brown blended with a little Dark Blonde.

Y-411 - Honey Blonde. a very light golden blonde.

Y- 421 - Milky Blonde. a very light honey blonde.

Y-531 - Peach Powder. Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights.

Y-22 - Powdered Peach. It is Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights. It's almost the same color as the Y-531, just the color percentage is a little bit different.

Y-686 – Caramel. It is Light Brown highlighted with Platinum Blonde. The color seems like Caramel Swirl because the blonde really stands out.

01R - Almond Frost. It is Golden Blonde highlighted with Ash Blonde and with Dark Roots.

14-24A - Cream Soda. It is Dark Blonde and highlighted with Light Blonde.

18-22 - Lux Blonde Blend. It is Dark Ash Blonde blended with Baby Blonde.

24-613 - Summer Sandy. It is Light Blonde blended with Platinum Blonde.

10R - Creamy Ice. It is Gold Blond blend with light blonde and Dark Roots.

G-613 - Platinum Blonde.

T-486 - Sunshine Ombre. It is light brown highlighted with Platinum Blonde.

T-414 - Rooted Mocha. It is Medium Brown and Light Brown Blend with 5% Blonde highlights and Medium Brown Roots.

201R- Honey Spice. It is Cool Toned Blonde and Natural Gold Blonde Blend shaded with Pale Brown

202R- Toasted Praline. It is Golden Brown blended with Deep Honey Blonde and Pale Beige Blonde

203R- Toasted Caramel. It is Medium brown blended with Golden Brown and hints of Honey Blonde and a dark Off Black root.

301R - Burnt Rose. It is Copper Red blended with Deep Auburn Red with Dark Medium Brown highlights. With our most natural-looking dark roots.

601R - Champagne Lux. It is Blended shades of Light Beige Blonde and Creamy Ice Blonde, with natural-looking Dark Roots.

205 - Brown Spice. It is Mixed Blend of Medium Brown and Dark Coffee Brown

603 - Moonlite Blonde. It is Mixed Blend of 50% Chestnut Brown and 50% Beige Blonde

604 - Dark Ash Blonde. It is a Mixed Blend of Medium Brown and shades of Platinum Blonde

605R - Ombre Blonde. It is Ombre with Light Brown fading into Honey Blonde and Ash Blonde with a Dark Root

T1B246 - Chocolate Brown = Mixed blend Medium Brown, Dark Brown & chestnut Brown with a dark root

T1B-614 - Ash Blonde/dark root = Ash Light Blonde with dark root colour 1B Off Black which is our second darkest black after Jet Black.

614 - Ash Blonde = Ash Light Blonde without any root colour.

607R - Beige Blonde = Creamy Beige Blonde color.

606R - Honey Wheat = Ombre with warm Honey Blonde and darkest beige blonde long roots


Other Human hair colors:

LMD - Limestone, Silver grey blend with dark grey.

60% gray - 60% White hair blended with Natural Black.

33JR - Deep Auburn, Deep Auburn with rooted


G246 - Milk Chocolate = Mixed blend Medium Brown, Dark Brown & Light Brown

02 –Natural Black = Natural Growth Black

04 –Medium Brown = Our Darkest Synthetic Brown

06 –Light Brown = Chesnut Brown Color, Darker than human hair Medium Brown shade

07R - Shadow Chestnut = True Red (Pomegrante)

01R –Almond Frost = Ash Blonde highlight with dark Beige Blonde with dark rootes

09R –Macadamia = Platinumum Champagne Blonde

10R –Creamy Ice = Gold blond blend with light blonde and Dark roots

11R- Hazel Glaze = Medium Chestnut Highlight with Medium Strawberry Shade

12R –Maple Swirl = Strawberry Shade Highlight with Gold Blonde

13R- Sparkling Amber = Intense Auburn with Light Auburn at the top

14R –Honey Glaze = Dark beige blond

15R- Frappuccino = Light Golden Brown Highlight Golden Blonde

16R –Chocolate Caramel = dark mahogany brown highlight with golden blond & copper brown

17R- Salted Tiramisu = Medium Reddish Brown highlight with Dark Beige Blonde

18R –Double-Frost-Java = Medium Brown with extra frosted highlight at the top with Beige Blonde and Ash Blonde

19R - Java Shimmered = Dark Brown Highlight Copper Brown & Honey Blond on top

21R –Gracie Gray = Silvery gray blended with dark brown with dark roots

24B-18T –Butter Scotch = Dark blonde tipped with light blonde

M6-8 –Pecan = Chestnut Brown blend with light brown

M8-12 – Toffee = Dark honey blonde

24R - Mocha Swirl = A blend of Warm Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown with a dark root

H1B - Off Black = Our darkest synthetic Black color. It is pitch Black.

H4 – Light Natural Black = Lighter than Natural Black but darker than our darkest Brown.

H6 – Dark Brown = Dark Brown Shade

H246 – Medium Brown Blend = Medium Brown blended with dark brown and light brown

H14/24 - Honey Blonde Blend = Honey Blonde Highlighted with Light blonde

H613B - White Blonde = Solid White Blonde Shade

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