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asked Nov 13, 2018 in H&E by Maximum488 (120 points)
Money back guarantees. The better male enhancement pills will offer a satisfaction, money back guarantee. But alas, not all guarantees are equal. Beware of companies only offering 30-60 guarantees, you hardly have a chance to experience results when you have to decide to keep the product or not. Other companies will only take back unopened product, again, not allowing you a chance to experience results. The best industry guarantee is for a 90day offer.Seems too good to be true. Male enhancement pills touting claims that seem too good to be true often are not reputable.You get what you pay for. A $20 bottle of pills probably will not have the potent formula a man is looking for with better extracts and freshness. Consider a blister packaging to ensure freshness.Value Offers. Since the market is competitive companies are offering buy two get one free along with free shipping. This can save the customer $100 - nothing wrong with that!

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