Lost Ark: How to Earn Gold (RSVSR Way)

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Gold’s initial and most important use is as currency at the auction house. This is the heart of Lost Ark’s player economy, where other adventurers put up nearly anything you can think of for sale, ranging from equipment to Engravings, potions, and other unique items you’d be hard-pressed to find or craft otherwise. Lost Ark Gold Farming Methods - How to Get Gold in Lost Ark. Right from the start, Lost Ark gives you several methods to farm gold, including one that’s just completing your daily activities. We’ve listed some of the best and most practical ways to get gold in Lost Ark below.

Complete the daily dungeons

What’s the point? When you reach level 50 and reach Gearscore 250, the Chaos Dungeons will open for you. You can go through two of these per day per character and receive certain rewards for doing so.

There is a specific currency that you get from the dungeons that you can exchange for various items. Including gold bars. The actual goal, however, is to defeat the second boss of the chaos dungeons, because there’s real gold to be won there.

How does this work? If you manage to defeat the second boss in the Chaos Dungeons, there is a chance that a portal will open. If you enter this portal, you can win a lot of gold.

How much you get exactly depends on two factors:

You get more gold when the dungeon is more difficult

A higher item level also ensures that you get more gold

So this tip is aimed more at advanced beginners because you can only really pick up a lot of currency here if you have reached a minimum Gearscore.

But not only the chaos dungeons bring you gold. The Abyssal Dungeons also reward you with gold for daily completion, as do the daily island events. You can find these on the sea if you look for the adventure islands.

You can complete these every day, except on weekends when you can complete the island twice a day.

How much gold does that bring? Unfortunately, this is very difficult to estimate, as the rewards depend heavily on the difficulty of the content and your own Gearscore.

But you should definitely do these daily deals, they are guaranteed to be worth it. In addition, there are often chaos dungeons as a daily quest, which are then doubly worthwhile.

Crushing on Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are the best way to find and collect most valuable loot.

When you defeat the main boss in the Chaos dungeon, it will open a portal with great loot.

You need to Collect loot before time runs out and take you to the next stage.

The sooner you defeat the boss, the sooner you can loot.

You can collect some rare items and artifacts when the portal opens.

Later, exchange these stolen rare materials exchange them gold sword.

Sometimes the portal unlocked between these stages is yellow rather than blue for the player to get bigger loot.

Craft and Sell Accessories

Accessories were a highly sought after commodity before Lost Ark released in the West, and they’ll likely remain desirable once the full game launches. These can help boost certain stats, and as YouTuber Ben Lee Gaming pointed out, anything boosting Critical and Speciality are almost always in high demand.

Once you’re at a high enough level, you can also sell Engravings at the auction.

Una’s Tasks

Once you’ve reached level 50 with your character and traveled the Northern region, you can accept Una’s quests, which are part of the game’s end-game content. These are special quests, for the completion of which you’ll collect Una’s tokens. You can complete daily and weekly quests.

The quests, in turn, reward you with various rewards, as well as a lot of gold. To unlock Una’s quests, talk to Rutaru in the west of North Vern. After that, a total of three guilds offer these quests, but you have to choose one of them. However, the tasks are the same for all guilds.

For each completed daily quest you will receive two points, for each weekly quest twelve points. If you collect 25, 35, 45, 55 and 70 points, you will receive a predetermined number of Unas tokens, which in turn can be exchanged for gold. Points are reset on a weekly basis.

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