which means that demand will still increase

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However, even though the controls on Lost Ark Items your mouse are locked, don't worryabout it, you'll be able to examine your settings more and find an option to "Attack using Right-click" only a few rows down. You can toggle this box on and off, based on which mouse button is more comfortable for you to work with.

If you select the "Attack using Right-click" option is toggled on it will allow you to move, interactwith, and grab items using your left click. If it's toggled off, you'll instead use left-click to attack , and right-click to do the rest.

After attracting over 500,000 simultaneous users on the launch of headstart, Lost Ark (our review here) currently has two new servers that can help expand the number of players. 

With the huge demand for the paid-for headstart and some of the usual problems with queues for launches that new MMOs encounter, there ought to be a little more access to players who are looking to get in. Anyone interested in playing can purchase a subscription for access on Friday, which means that demand will still increase.

The head start is open to customers who have purchased any of the levels of Founder's Pack, so the numbers are likely just a peek at what to anticipate for the full launch scheduled for Friday. For now, though, Amazon has decided to begin a new server, Karmine for NA East as well as another server, Akkan to serve NA West. The official announcement of Lost Ark Gold for sale new servers is also accompanied by the assurance that they will monitor the condition.

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