5 Most Secured Apps for Messaging on Android

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If you’re seriously looking for some messenger apps on Android that always keep your data and chat history in the most secure condition, read this now!

How well your messages are secured when using the apps on your mobile to text and chat could be the top concern of many users out there.

Luckily, many developers give serious attention to this issue and introduce their products as a great solution to this problem.

Of course, Viber, WhatsApp, and Signal Private Messenger should be the most familiar names around the world.

There still are many other good apps in this type that you should take a look at.

Check out these 5 most secure apps for messaging available on Android these days. 





Telegram uses the most distinctive network of data when connecting people around the world.

The app promises to give the top security to your data, and never give it to any third party organization.

Along with the end-to-end encryption feature, you can use “secret chats” to auto-destruct your message across any device that gets involved in your chat.

Plus, you can schedule to delete your account at some period if needed.

Besides, you can send many formats of documents or sync your data to other devices.

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Threema is another app if you seek for good privacy of your message. It works well with Android, iOS, as well as Windows phone.

This one claims to prevent your data from hackers, government, and any other business organization.

Of course, Threema uses end-to-end encryption technique.

When you register for this service, it will give you a matchless Threema ID instead of using your email or phone number.

To get this one, you need to pay for $2.99 and get the subscription.

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Wickr Me



Wickr Me is another name that does an impressive job in encrypting your message.

End-to-end encryption is also the method this app chooses to apply.

You can send private, self-destructing text and voice messages, photos, and videos to other Wickr owners.

The “Shredder” function promises your deleted data is all unrecoverable under any circumstances.

You also can set a timer for later self-destruct messages.

Like Threema, this one does not require email or phone number to register.

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Dust, previously branded as Cyber-Dust, is one of the most heavily encrypted message apps on Android.

This one does not use any permanent server or storage to stock your data and messages.

If you want a faster way to delete your chats, you can manually set it to get wiped out instantly after the recipient views the content.

For more security, the ability to take screenshots of your conversations is totally disabled.

One more good point is that Dust absolutely goes for free.



Silence used to be known as SMS Secure in the past.

This one is an extraordinary messaging app on Android that uses end-to-end encryption techniques as well.

The app works like a standard SMS app, hence there is no requirement for internet or server on your mobile.

This feature allows you to contact others like using a common SMS app, in case they don’t install Silence on their device.

It is easy and simple to enjoy the service since you don’t have to sign up or register with any identification.


These apps are great choices for you to secure your privacy when messaging on your Android mobile.

If you have other names, please leave them in the comments below.


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