Different Styles of Newborn Baby Bibs

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You must have probably been raised on a basic bib, which is a rounded cloth that is put around your neck and snapped in the back. But personalized baby bibs have evolved so much with time. The other different types of custom baby bibs are discussed below in this article from personalized heart photo necklace.

Disposable Bibs
The disposable bibs are not practical for everyday use. But it is very useful when you are traveling or at a family function and you forgot to carry a baby bib along with you.

Smock Bibs
The smock bibs are also called ‘long-sleeved bibs’. This type of bibs is usually worn like a shirt. They cover from neck to knee, which is a plus point for you as it won’t mess up your floor. Smock bibs are easy to clean and they can be used not only during eating but also during other activities like painting, craft, or even in the dirt.

Feeding Bibs
The feeding bibs as the name suggest are great when your baby starts eating food. The bottom of the bib has a pocket in it that prevents food from falling down on your kitchen floor. But the top of the feeding bibs looks like a normal classical bib. The pocket of the feeding bib can hold both solid and liquid food.


Drool / Dribble Bibs
The dribble baby bib is perfect if your baby is a newborn. Your baby will definitely feel comfortable with this type of baby bib. Make your baby wear the dribble bibs all the time so that their clothes don’t look like its old because of the continuous fall of your baby’s saliva.

Newborn Bibs
The newborn bibs are exclusively designed for newborn babies that are below 6 months old. They are made with soft fabric and they are absorbent. Newborn bibs usually come with two fasteners which are on the side of the neck which makes it easy for you to put on and take off.

Vintage Bibs
The vintage bibs have come to fashion just recently. They are for use only on special occasions because they look like standard bibs but they have extra lacing and baubles.

Let’s Talk About Materials Used For Newborn Baby Bibs
There are many varieties of materials that are available in the market to choose from like rubber, plastic, and fabric. The most common fabric is made of cotton or organic cotton. Cotton is used because it has many advantages like its durability, comfort, and moisture control.

The backing part of the bib sits upon your baby’s skin so, it is the most important part that you should look upon. High-quality bibs have cotton bamboo backing that is very soft to touch and doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin.

Bamboo is also considered the most absorbent material. Bamboo also has many positive aspects. It is eco-friendly as it requires less water to grow and it doesn’t require replantation because of its huge root network. The bamboo plant is also considered the fastest growing plant on planet Earth as it can grow up to 1 meter per day. So, you should always look for bibs that are made with either organic cotton or bamboo plant.

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