3ML Syringe Barrel Mould

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asked Feb 10, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_rVBRLzcp (400 points)
Zhejiang Sol-millennium Plastic Mould Co.Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer that
specializes in the research, development and sale of Syringe Moulds international. After 20 years efforts in this field, now we have built up a highly skilled and professional team that is composed of 40 experts in designing
and processing moulds, more than a hundred of skilled workers, and a series of exactitude facilities.Product InformationIt is designed for all kinds syringe barrel, including luer slip, luer lock and dual structural syringe.All inserts produced by CNC or precision equipment, so that the standardized size is good
for displacement. http://www.syringemould.com/syringe-mould/syringe-barrel-mould/3ml-syringe-barrel-mould.html

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