Rainbow Six Siege To Make The Game A Bit More Welcoming

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Until an event is supported, should it be happening, Cheap R6 credits  players have the game's latest spot to play and maintain them over until Halloween comes around. More updates are expected to come back before then, however Ubisoft's latest most recent changelist made some sweeping changes to teamkilling that individuals who grow frustrated with their teammates may want to take note of.

"The group murdering penalty for a first offense will be adjusted from a kick to a 30 minute ban," Ubisoft's patch notes stated with a full breakdown of the new teamkilling penalties seen here. "Initially, if a player was team killed in Casual, the offender was kicked in the game. The identical situation in Ranked could result in a kick too, but also triggered an abandon penalty. This was confusing because it appeared like the team killing punishment was distinct between Ranked vs Casual."

Looks like Halloween is currently coming to Rainbow Six Siege in a large way. A playlist teasing a variant of the home map redecorated for Halloween briefly emerged following the patch on the menu. It disappeared like a Ubisoft engineer -- or just like a ghost realizing a new holiday feature was revealed.

The playlist appears to be all House, all the time, in multiplayer that is normal. The distinction is that House is currently decked out with ' - lanterns, with halloween decorations. It is tough to tell how much the map is going to be altered given that we are looking at a single teaser here, however you can at least expect some redecoration.

This picture -- captured by chuck0620 on Reddit -- additionally reveals a couple of skins. They simply happen to be the specific Halloween skins which were leaked last month, together with looks for Jager, Vigil, Thermite, and Valkyrie. It is not the first time we have gotten Halloween skins in Siege, although united with a brand new unique playlist all of it indicates we will have a much more substantial vacation event this time around.

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