New World PvP, good or bad?

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asked Jan 18, 2022 in Cell Tracking by Lnercome (760 points)

I truly like New World, but man the state of PvP is almost unplayable. There are problems that I encountered:

1. Forces me to walk after a light/heavy attack.

2. The bow has many bugs where I will use an ability, but will only hear sound and the ability will not be used.

3. Tracking is so bad that people can just walk around me and not be hit.

4. Mages have to walk in slow motion after a light/heavy attack.

Are you having the same problems? What do you think?

I am a minority voting member as to what my character actually does in this game. The New World Items I want may or may not be out. My dodge may or may not happen. That ability I hit will most certainly go on a 20+ second cooldown after something hits me that staggers me that I may or may not have dodged, despite pressing the button. 

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