Here's what you need know about NBA2K22's season 1 Call to Ball

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The same applies to players that want to truly dive deep into NBA 2K22 this year. No matter whether you'd like to play MyTeam, MyCareer, or MyWNBA, you probably need to decide on a plan and stick to the game Nba 2k22 Mt. It's not a rule that you shouldn't explore the different modes, but all three have a season pass with content to unlock. It's actually a little simpler to finish out the season pass than the previous year, but in the event that you're spreading yourself too thinly, you may not be able to get all the benefits.

If you're a casual player don't worry about it. Each of the three modes has plenty of options and moving from one to another isn't a problem unless you really desire to compete with other players.

If you're already a top-of-the-line MyTeam player, this guide doesn't apply to you. You probably already possess the stick skills necessary to be competitive in online. However, for players who aren't as experienced (or those who require refreshers) offline games like Triple Threat Offline and Domination can do two very useful things.

First, you're getting in practice. Of course, techniques that work against the CPU won't work against human players, but you are practicing your shot's timing, which is key. The third and most important aspect is that you're building your team up with top players with rewards.

In the beginning, you'll be on a starting team and trying to be competitive against other players in Triple Threat Online or Unlimited is a challenge. If you're looking to jump straight to online, consider trying out the brand new Draft mode 2k22 mt buy, or getting into Limited which means that the rosters of all players will have a rating cap.

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