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First of a series of posts about explaining in a little more detail what is involved with our advanced massage

Here at Bristol Massage Practice we pride ourselves in offering bespoke treatments with the individual in mind. We hold strong values that no body is the same, therefore no treatment should be the same. Our massages have a therapuetic benefit, whether that be for stress relief, pain management, or aiding recovery from an injury.

Currently it is just Lucy on site offering massage treatments, more about her below.

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The Things you have to keep in mind while having a pregnancy massage is to avoid the deep massage and strong pressure on the legs. Applying Strong pressure it could dislodge a blood and other problems also. 
Here at Divine Mother with more than 8 years of experience, the certified trainers keep things in mind to avoid pressurizing your belly, your legs, and other pressure points. Also, pregnancy massage experts gives benefits of pregnancy massage.
So, take your first pregnancy massage therapy session at Divine Mother as conveniently as possible for your newborn baby and also for your healthy life.

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