Rainbow Six Siege is Constantly Changing

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asked Oct 17, 2018 in Cell Tracking by Sletrry (6,110 points)

Ubisoft wants to stop smurf accounts and hackers with the coming of the two-step verification (2FA). Therefore, if you want to play with a ranked game, you will first have to set this up 2FA. Nevertheless you'll be rewarded for it; you receive a package for Thermite totally free! . In a sense, R6 credits is a win-win circumstance.

Some items have changed in the sense. The scoreboard has been fully redesigned, which makes it more easy to quiet somebody when they can't, for instance, resist their loss.

Yet there are still many bugs in Rainbow Six: Siege, something I have experienced many times. Whilst everything works correctly, so that you can't see anything black displays. Sometimes there are even bugs, such as electrocuted by Clash while there is a wall between or are imperceptible to everyone.

Once again, to talk about Rainbow Six: Siege with the inspection of new content, because the strategic shooter Ubisoft seems to not need to stop but rather, after being distributed at full rate, is now established and merged in the world of -game. In short, the key of success seems to have become the continuous support on the project with regular updates along with listening to community feedback.

Of course, Rainbow Six: Siege also has some flaws and is literally not possible to please every participant but what the team of Ubisoft Montreal has setup is to be taken for instance if you want to get to elevated levels.

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