iverheal 12mg

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Iverheal 12mg tablet DT is used to treat parasitic infections of the intestines, skin and eyes.
Your doctor will tell you how many DT 12 mg tablets Iverheal you need and how to take it. To make sure you are taking the medication correctly, read the instructions that came with it. It is usually taken on an empty stomach. To get rid of the infection, you usually only need to take it once. Talk to your doctor if you do not feel better after taking it. While taking this drug, drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine to get the most out of it.
food activities
Medical activities
Iverheal 12 tablet DT works by attaching to nerve and muscle cells of worms, paralyzing and killing them. This will take care of your infection.
product use
Iverheal tablets are used to treat parasitic infections.
instructions for use of the product
Instructions for use
Follow your doctor's instructions for dosage and duration of this drug. It must be dissolved in a glass of water before use. Iverheal 12 mg DT should be taken without food.
Iverheal  product side effects
Side effects
Most side effects are mild and disappear as the body adapts to the medication. If they do not go away or you are concerned, see your doctor.
Side effects of Iverheal tabletsWeakness / fatigueConstipationDiarrheaLoss of appetiteNauseaBarfDizzinessDrowsinessadditional informationadditional information
Manufacturer Address: Healing Pharma India Pvt Ltd, 411 4th Floor, B wing, Western Edge II, Behind Metro Mall, Western Express Hwy, Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

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