pouches for dry fruits

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Optional bag type
1. The nut food packaging bag is sealed on three sides, and the left and right sides are heat-sealed for half a centimeter, and the upper part is heat-sealed for 1 to 2 centimeters. The customer puts the nut food into a three-sided sealing bag from the bottom, and then heat-sealed it for half a centimeter.

2. Harmonica bag nut food packaging bag, this is the most used bag for nuts and sunflower seeds, with folds on the left and right sides, large capacity and exquisite shape.

3. Eight-side-sealed nut food packaging bag. This bag has a three-dimensional effect and can stand on the shelf, which is convenient for sales and consumer food. There are three planes on the side and bottom for the necessary information for color printing food packaging bags, and there are more places for advertising and beautification on the front and sides, which is conducive to promoting the brand and attracting consumers' attention.

4. Self-supporting nut food packaging bag. Self-supporting bag is also a common bag type in nut food. It can stand on its own, usually with a zipper, which is convenient to carry and eat nuts. https://www.biofoodbag.com/bio-food-bag/

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