Interactive Whiteboard H258K 86inch

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asked Jan 1 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_YnJjRTTk (440 points)
Product Specifications´╝Ü
Name: Interactive Whiteboard 86 inch  
Model No: H258K  
Screen size: 86inch 4K
Adopt ultra-narrow bezel, imported 4K LCD screen
Android 8.0 system,DDR operating memory 3G+ROM storage 32G
With the 5 g module, mobile phone screen, 5 g wireless with PC screen
1.5mm pen peak writing, two-color pen, scanning code cloud sharing
4mm anti-glare panel, one button start, writing pen adsorption slot
Front USB three channel playback,4K whiteboard, even page annotation
Five fingers out, three fingers floating menu, three-way teleconferencing
Compatible (Android system + WDOS system) one key switch
WDOS system need to be equipped with industrial OPS computer (optional)

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